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Second Printing

west virginia state capitol building

Gilbert’s traditional, classical design was meant to uplift both visitors to the West Virginia State Capitol and those for whom the building would function as a workplace. He believed that employing elements drawn from classical antiquity would inspire, communicate and promote the values of patriotism and good citizenship. It was his lofty intention that the West Virginia Capitol building should be a “splendid architectural monument” that would set before us “the imponderable elements of life and cultures,” encourage our “just pride in the state” and provide “an education to ongoing generations.”

This photographic book, with over 64 pages and nearly 100 images,  takes you on a guided tour through one of the most beautiful state capitols in the nation. Thorney's photography takes the viewer into areas of the capitol that most visitors will never see in addition to highlighting architectural details that may be overlooked during a visit. 


The first printing sold out, now this second printing is your chance to add this to your collection.

Bulk orders and autographed copies are available for purchase.

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