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American Indians

This project is a photographic survey of Native Americans at the turn of the millennium.  The crux of the work is my life-size, full-body, photography of Native American men, women, and children in indigenous regalia.  Artistically, I hope to surpass the depth of intimacy and detail available in extant photographic portraiture.  Socially and culturally, I worked to provide a documentation of the diversity, dignity and beauty of contemporary Native Americans. 

For each individual person, their image is comprised of as many as 40 contact prints of 8x10 inch film.  The image on each piece of film is shot 1:1, or life-size.  These contact prints are then assembled to produce a full-size portrait. The only exceptions are Walter Echo-Hawk and Zuni Bufffalo Dancer with are pictured below, which are printed twice life-size!

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